Ego Points

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What are Ego Points?

Ego Points is an in-app credit system on When you earn Ego Points, you can immediately see personality traits without the need for 10 evaluations. To see the results, you just need to accumulate Ego Points equal to the required evaluation count. Although not implemented yet, in the future, the Ego Points you accumulate may provide access to new features on the platform, reach special content, or offer other advantages.

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How can I earn Ego Points?

Unfortunately, at the moment, Ego Points can only be obtained through our Android application. If you want to access Ego Points, please log in to our Android app and watch advertisements. Of course, in the future, there is a possibility of adding different and exciting methods! So, staying tuned and not missing updates is important. Who knows, a surprise might be waiting for us to discover new ways to earn Ego Points. Don't forget to check notifications and update notes in our app!