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Create Personality Test
Create Your Personality Test
Create Your Personality Test

Prepare a test for the personality traits you are curious about among more than 20 scientifically selected personality traits.

Let Your Friends to Evaluate You
Let Your Friends to Evaluate You

Share your personality test with your friends, let your friends to evaluate your personality anonymously.

Unveil Your Personality Type
Unveil Your Personality Type

Discover your personality type, personality dimensions and prominent character traits based on your outlook to your friends. Mobile Application

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Get Android App offers the most unique method for a personality test relies on your friends opinions for evaluating your MBTI personality. This approach unveils your true personality, free from self-bias. On, you create your own personality test, and share your personality test with your friends. Your friends anonymously rates your personality based on the character traits you included in your test. Based on your friends rates, computes your Big-Five personality dimensions and determines your MBTI personality type. can reveal personality traits you haven't noticed before

The unique approach of allows you to discover your outlook to those around you. Your friends anonymously rate your personality test on their own perspective. Based on your friends rates, highlights the most rated traits in your personality test. Hence, alongside with your personality type and dimensions, you can also discover positive or negative character traits you hadn't noticed before.

Your friends don't need to sign up to evaluate you does not require your friends to create an account to evaluate you. Your friends can assess you directly without creating an account when you share the link to the personality test. This way, you wouldn't cause an inconvenience for your friends.